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Xander the Romancer

May 16, 2010

Pater said he had one last wish for me before he went to Simmibea.  He had a strange request.  He wanted me to sneak into the cemetary at 2:00 am.  He said strange and wondrous things would happen.  It gave me the creeps but I agreed to go.

As the night wore on and I was waiting to go to the cemetary, I became more and more scared.  Why would Pater want me to go there?  Finally the time came and I crept into the land of crypts.

I had no sooner entered the gates than I was transfixed by a floating white lady ghost.  She came towards me and I realized I was frozen with fear.

White Ghost:  Are you Baby Notorious?  You are here to learn the secrets of the dead. 

Another orange ghost floated up to me.  She explained that the white ghost had died of old age but that she had burned up when the old Sunset Valley theater had been set on fire by her boyfriend.  He was angry when she broke up with him. 

Orange Ghost:  If you can stay with us on this one night, we will introduce you to our leader.

Yellow Ghost:  I was electrocuted by lightning.  We ghosts have many secrets here in the cemetary.  If you stay with us, we can share our knowledge with you.

At last a blue ghost appeared in a top hat and all the other ghosts floated up to him.

Tragic Clown:  I was drowned in a terrible shipwreck many, many years ago.  I am the leader of the ghosts and if you stay with us tonight, I will grant you the one thing that you want more than anything else.

Tragic Clown:  It is easy to read your heart’s desire, Baby Notorious.  You may be evil but you only want happiness like anyone else. 

Suddenly, it was morning and in a swirling, misty haze the ghosts disappeared.  I realized I had been in the cemetary for hours.  I was terrified by my experience but I wanted to know, would the ghosts bring me what they said I wanted?

Meanwhile, things were getting serious between Xander and me.  He never found out about my secret plot with Clark Sauer, so our relationship went on as if nothing had happened.  He decided it was time for me to meet his father.

But Mr. Clavell died almost as soon as I met him.  It was quite a shock.  One minute he was standing in front of his house shaking my hand and the next he was dead, another ghost floating in front of me.

Xander started spending a lot of time at my house.  He didn’t want to be at his house because it reminded him of his father and he wanted to be close to me so I would console him.  He was very upset.

To make matters worse for Xander, he got arrested and had to spend time in jail.  I tried to visit him but he was very unhappy.  He told me he felt like his life was falling apart and he only knew one way to make everything better.  He said he couldn’t wait to get out and show me.

Things did change when Xander got out of jail.  The Crew was proud of him for going to jail instead of being a snitch so they promoted him to a very high position.

I found Xander’s new uniform very appealing.  I let him come over to my house and stay the night when he got off work.  We spent many very romantic hours together.

One day Xander told me he had a very special place he wanted to take me to.  He said he wanted to show me a place where we could learn something together that would make us both very happy.

It was a breathtaking art studio.  Xander had always wanted to learn to paint and he wanted me to learn with him.  I never knew that Xander had such a sensitive side.

As I bent over the canvas and flexed my creative muscles, I thought how sweet Xander could be when he really tried.  Now we would always have this one special thing that we would do together.

Another day Xander took me far out into the country to one of the most beautiful sights I had every seen.  It was a majestic waterfall.  We sat on the banks of the water watching it and enjoying the solitude of such a lovely place.

After all these wonderful experiences with my man, it should have come as no surprise to me when he said he had something very special to ask me.

I told Xander yes, I would be his wife.  Now my life will change forever but it is a good change.  I will have someone who loves me and maybe we can even have a family.  Maybe that was all I wanted when I entrapped Clark…someone who would always love me.  Xander seems to be that someone.

Is this the desire that the ghosts shared with me after I shared a night with them learning their secrets?  Can true happiness be mine?