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When the Honeymoon Is Over

June 23, 2010

I am such a lucky girl.  In fairy tales the princess always lives happily ever after.  In the first few weeks after my wedding, I felt just like the princess.  Xander and I couldn’t leave our jobs to go on a honeymoon.  But we had a great time anyway.

Almost every night we went to the Corner Bistro.  Lately, I had a constant urge to eat egg rolls.  Xander thought it was very funny but he was happy to accomodate me.

I missed my weekly chess matches with Pater.  Xander tried to make up for it.  He was not as clever as Pater so it was not as much of a challenge but it was wonderful just being together.

Xander was so surprised when I showed him two tickets for the big football game.  He loved to gamble on sports but I convinced him not to bet on this game.  I explained to him that he would enjoy it so much more if he wasn’t worried about losing money.  We had a blast.

But eventually the fun settled down into a domestic routine.  I was not very good at wifely duties.  Every morning, I tried to make a good breakfast for Xander when he got home but I usually ended up with a burned mess.

I hated doing chores.  The house was always untidy.  Xander and I didn’t care too much but the house was always full of people and they must have thought we were slobs.

Xander had parties all the time.  Whenever I came home from the Science Lab, I was sure to find the Notorious Crew throwing it down.  Xander had a going away party for Junior Notorious that lasted three days!

The house was an absolute wreck after that extravaganza.  I mustered up the courage to tackle the kitchen.

But looking at that grungy counter made me feel extremely nauseated.  I ran to the bathroom.

I couldn’t believe how sick I was.  I stayed in the bathroom a very long time.  Actually, I had been getting sick a lot.  Especially after I ate egg rolls.  But as soon as I emptied my stomach, I was ready for more egg rolls.

Xander wasn’t expecting to come home to a filthy house.  He rummaged around in the refrigerator for awhile.

Xander:  Baby….ummmm, well, uh…do you think we should hire a maid to clean up the house?

I ignored him.

I was watching a movie that I had seen a thousand times.  I knew exactly what was going to happen.  But I couldn’t bear to hear Xander talking in the background.  He started to speak again and I made a loud shushing noise.

When the camera zoomed in to show the couple kissing on their wedding day, I lost it.  Tears started pouring down my face and I started to sob hysterically.  I jumped up, turned off the tv, ran into our bedroom and threw myself face down on the rumpled covers.

Xander approached the door and knocked tentatively.

Xander:  Baby, are you okay?

I flew out of the bedroom in a rage.

Baby:  Why are you always hovering over me?  Why can’t you just leave me alone?

Baby:  Is this what you want, Xander?  Fine!  Its not enough that I have to work all day and then spend my nights alone while you are out doing crimes, is it?  Fine!  I’ll clean the house!

I cried some more while I mopped the floor and Xander and I didn’t speak for a long time.

I started staying at work later and later.  I would do anything to avoid going home.  I was confused about the way I was feeling.  Xander was my husband and I loved him but the sight of him made my blood boil.

It wasn’t just Xander that felt my wrath.  One day I spotted Molly French, Pater’s ex-girlfriend.  She came up to me and asked if I knew anything about Pater.  Molly thought he had just vanished into thin air.

I knew Molly had really hurt Pater and now was the time to get her back.

Baby:  Didn’t you hear, Molly?  He was so heartbroken, he decided to kill himself!

Molly screamed.  I laughed viciously and she ran off.

I wasn’t done with her yet.  That night, I waited very patiently for Xander to leave for his nightly round of illicit activities.

I called Molly up and told her that while I was cleaning out Pater’s house, I found some very risque photographs of her and I threatened to reveal them to the world.

Then I spent the rest of the night hacking the computer.  It wasn’t about the money anymore, Xander and I had plenty.  It was about making people miserable and feeling good about it.  But I was taking chances I shouldn’t have taken and it is a miracle I wasn’t arrested.

Grand asked me to meet him at the Pier.  I could tell right away that he was very concerned.

Grand:  Molly French is hysterical.  Leave her alone, Baby, she’s never done anything to you.  You are outta control!  I don’t know what’s gotten in to you.

Freya had a talk with me as well.  I was making a lot of mistakes at the Science Lab and she wanted to know why I was so distracted.  I confided everything in her:  fights with Xander, feeling sick all the time, not being able to control my emotions.

Freya:  Baby, don’t you know what this means?

Baby:  That I’m going crazy?

Freya:  Baby!  You are going to have a baby!

Freya:  I should have guessed when we went swimming.  I thought maybe you might have put on a little weight.

She took me straight to the pharmacy and we bought a pregnancy test.  I was in shock.  How could I have a baby, wasn’t I the baby?  I told Freya I wasn’t ready to find out the results but I would call her as soon as I knew.

I sat at the kitchen table with the unopened package in front of me.  Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I ripped open the box and took the contents into the bathroom.  Minutes later, I knew.  Freya was right,  I was pregnant!

It was highly unusual for me to call Xander while he was working.  It was even stranger for me to ask him to come home early.

I attempted to make breakfast for him again and this time I got it right.

Xander ate his food very quietly and then smiled at me in a knowing way.  He got up from the table and went to the bar to make a drink.

Baby:  Xander, I have something really important–

He came over and hugged me tightly.

Xander:  Baby Notorious, you are going to be the best baby mama a man could ask for.

Xander:  Let’s call Simmibea and tell Pater our good news.

I couldn’t believe that my husband knew me better than I knew myself.  I loved him more now than I ever did.  I wasn’t sure if I was capable of being a good mother but his sake and the baby’s sake, I was going to try very hard.

It was such a relief to go to bed that night without a fight.  I felt so safe and protected by my man.

I got up early the next day and made some more egg rolls.  As soon as I finished off the plate, I was sick all over again.  But I was too happy to care.  Later, I would see Lorcus for an exam but I knew he was going to confirm the pregnancy test.  I was so, so nervous but excited, too.  A baby for Baby!  I was a very lucky girl.