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Wedded Bliss?

May 30, 2010

Pater called me one afternoon and invited me to see him and the home of Lorcus and Freya.  He was staying there for a couple of days and then he was off to Simmibea.  Pater chose to stay a little while longer because of my wedding.  When I met him, he told me he thought I should ease up on being evil and start concentrating on having a family.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about his suggestion.  It was a little shocking, the thought of being less evil.

I had been seeing quite a lot of my friends and getting a lot of advice about my pending marriage.  I asked Freya to go shopping with me.  Freya always looked beautiful and her clothes were very stylish.

I guess I was very nervous about the upcoming events because I was anxious and clumsy all the time.  I made a fool of myself at Stylin and Profilin when I tried opening a drawer.

I tried on everything they had in the store and finally I found the perfect dress for my abundant figure.

I was so grateful that Freya was with me.  She picked out the dress I fell in love with.  I hoped Xander would love it, too.

I joined Junior at the gym and followed his workouts.  Junior was very conscientious about physical fitness and I knew he could help me look my very best in the new dress.

Nerves again!  I practically fell off the treadmill.  But I kept with it and Junior and I worked out until I was exhausted.

I was also seeing a lot of Grand but it had nothing to do with my wedding.  Grand and I were cooking up a scheme to sell counterfeit computers.

Grand would be taking over the Notorious Gang since Pater was returning to Simmibea.

Grand loved my new idea to manufacture cheap computers and sell them under brand names.  We were poised to make a lot of simoleans.  Even though my wedding was very soon, Grand and I knew we had to execute our plan with no delay.

While Grand and I plotted, Xander worked in the backyard, getting ready for our celebration.  He set up an incredible sound system and put out tables and chairs.  I knew I should stay and help him.

But I had to meet Sing Xhou instead.  Xhou is the leader of the Chinese Crew and they were going to make the cheap computers for us.

Xander was starting to get very upset.  Everytime he wanted to talk about the wedding ceremony, I was busy working.

Xander tried to talk to me about our problem.  I was very defensive.  I started thinking about my conversation with Pater.  Pater had suggested I put my evil ways to the side and concentrate on having a family.  Did Xander feel the same?  Could I even contemplate my life as a wife and mother?  It seemed impossible.  Xander and I had our first big fight.

We shouldn’t have gone to bed angry.  But neither of us was willing to back down.

I woke up in the middle of the night.  I felt terrible about arguing with my fiancee so close to the day of our wedding.  I loved Xander.  I wanted happiness, I wanted to take our romance to the next level, I wanted a family.

But I LOVED being evil!  Why couldn’t I continue my evil plans with Junior and Grand and continue making millions of simoleans?  It wasn’t fair!

The next day I set out to be as nasty as possible.  I found Claire Ursine and accused her of plotting to have Pater assasinated.

Claire denied it and I attacked her.  But she must have been scared because she called Xander and promised to increase his cut on the heists she pulled off with the gang.  Xander was pleased Claire was finally showing the Notorious Crew the respect we deserved.  He told me he was sorry we had been fighting and I accepted his apology.

Ispent the whole afternoon on the phone with Sing Xhou, closing the deal to make fake computers.  I was supposed to be with Xander but I blew him off.

Xander had asked me to come with him to Stylin and Profilin to pick up his tuxedo.  The final alterations were finished.

Xander knew he looked good even though I wasn’t there to give my approval.  He had picked out a powder-blue suit because he knew blue was my favorite color.

At last it was the morning of our wedding.  I got up early and went to see Pater.  We talked for a long time about my hopes and fears and Pater made me realize what I had known all along…Xander was the man I loved and today was the day to prove it.

We had a modest family affair in our own backyard.  All of the Notorious Gang was there.  I was the center of attention which made me more nervous than I was already.

Pater was in Sunset Valley for his very last day just so that he could give me away.  I will miss him so much!  He hugged me and told me not to worry anymore, that everything was going to be fine.

The guests were all having such a good time but it was the moment  for them to celebrate the reason they were at my home.  Someone turned the music off and everyone crowded around me and Xander.

The next part happened so fast!  Xander took my hand, we exchanged vows and then we put on our beautiful wedding rings.  Xander was now Mr. Notorious and I was his bride!

The guests left soon after and Xander and I found ourselves alone for the first time since we became man and wife.

We soon experienced a different kind of union.

The delicate strains of angels’ harps can be heard…

…and then the sweet sound of a distant chime signals what is to come.