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Trouble and Loneliness

April 14, 2010

 Pater Notorious is the Leader of our gang.  But he is having a hard time.  He thought he was in love with Molly French.  Then he found out she had a child out of wedlock with Grand Notorious.  Grand is his right-hand man.  It was quite a blow to Pater’s ego.

Pater  broke it off with Molly.  He watches the Romance Channel and wishes he and Molly were getting married instead of some random couple on TV.

We meet for our weekly chess match.  Pater has been trying to teach me to play chess and he says it will make me better at outwitting my opponents in real life.  He’s taught me a lot of things.  I tell him he should try to get back with Molly.

Pater:  It is too late for me and Molly.  It is over.

I can tell when Pater doesn’t want to talk about something so I concentrate on my playing and don’t mention Molly again.

Pater:  I am going to tell you something, Baby.  You can’t tell anyone else, not even anyone in the Crew.

Pater:  I got a strange feeling on my way home from work.

Pater:  I was about to go to bed when I saw a shadowy figure outside my bedroom window.

Pater:  It was a hit man.

Pater:  We fought and I was able to disarm him.

Pater:  I told him to beat it and never come back.

Pater:  The next morning, I read a disturbing story in the paper.  The Mayor vowed to wipe out all criminal elements in Sunset Valley.

Baby:  What about all those bribes to City Hall?

Pater just shook his head.

After that day, Pater wasn’t quite himself.  He bought a telescope and spent all his time spying on the police department.

He was completely paranoid.

Pater would invite me to Chinese Delight, his discoteque.

I would try to get him to dance but all he wanted to do was drink.

He would drink and drink but he never seemed to get drunk.  I knew he had a lot on his mind.

One day Pater asked me to meet him at the gym.

Pater:  Baby, I don’t know how to tell you this.  I know you look up to me like a father.  But I have to leave you.  I have to return to my home.

Baby:  Your going back to the Island of Simmibea?  Please take me with you!  I don’t want to stay in Sunset Valley.

Pater:  No Baby, you must stay here.  I need you to be my eyes and ears.  I’m not sure who I can trust.  Now let’s go inside, I have to tell Hustle.  I need her to go with me to Simmibea.



We changed into our gym clothes and met Hustle upstairs.  I saw Pater and Hustle talking and Hustle was very excited.  I was so sad.  These were the most important people in my life and I didn’t know what I was going to do without them.

Pater put me through the usual workout.  He wanted me to be tough and strong like the rest of the gang.  But my heart was breaking.  I was afraid to be alone.