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The Prisoner

May 9, 2010

Evil plottings were an everyday part of life for me and the Crew.

No plan was too nefarious for us…with one exception.  We didn’t hurt people.  But I never knew what I was capable of until I went too far.

I had become fast friends with Dr. Freya Notorious and I shared with her my secret ambitions in the world of Science.

All my life I had dreams of crossbreeding mythological creatures with robots to produce a new species that could be programmed to do my bidding.

Freya loved my ideas and asked me to be her assistant at the Science Laboratory.

I may have been clever in the lab but I was a failure at fixing my broken dishwasher.  I called a repairman and the most fascinating person I ever met came to my house.  It was Clark Sauer.

He was an incredible specimen of manhood.  All thoughts of Xander flew out of my head.

Everyday I came home from work, I found something else to break in the house and every night, Clark was at my house to do repairs.

Finally, I just called him up and asked him to come over without a pretense.  I was so excited when he said yes!

Clark seemed to really enjoy getting to know me better.

But I didn’t realize that when Clark walked through my bedroom on his way to the bathroom he found pictures of me and Xander!

Clark sat down on the couch and kissed me.  But then he pulled away.

Clark:  Baby, I can’t be here with you if you have another man.  It isn’t right.

He got up and left.

I was absolutely devastated.  Clark was my obsession!  I devised the most devious plan that I could think of…the craziest, too.  I called the builders who had constructed my home and asked them to come back and build a smaller structure with a secret door that only I could open.

It was a dungeon.  If I could break the sink and get Clark to come over and fix it, I could make him my captive!

A few quick twists of the wrench and my plan was set in motion.

It wasn’t long before I heard the familiar rumbling of Clark’s truck.

Clark Sauer unwittingly walked right into my trap!

Clark:  Baby, you need so much work done.  You really know how to keep a guy busy!

Only the day before, I had gone to see Dr. Jamie Jolina and she had given me a powerful sedative.

I stealthily approached Clark and jabbed a syringe into his leg.

The sedative worked very quickly and Clark was soon passed out.  My plan was working!  He was my captive!

Later Clark awoke, groggy, confused and scared.  Where was he?  Why was I doing this to him?

He was despondent when he realized he could not escape.  After awhile, he deigned to eat some of the food I left for him.

He was hopeful that he could contact the outside world with the computer I had put in his prison, but all he could do was play video games.

I visted him and he was so angry.

Clark:  Baby, you are a terrible woman.  Someone is going to notice I am missing and you will get caught!

Baby:  You are a fool, Clark.  You have no friends.  All you ever do is work.  Who will know you are gone?

Maybe no one would find Clark, but my evil plan wasn’t perfect.  He was my prisoner but I couldn’t force him to be my lover.

Everyday while I was working on my robot creatures, Clark was working on finding a way out of the dungeon.

Using all his skills of handiness, he was finally able to get the door open.

The sunlight blinded him.  He stood in front of the door, almost in shock, inhaling the fresh air.  Then he ran downstairs and changed his clothes, and waited for dark so he could creep away.

I came outside just in time to see Clark running away.  I couldn’t believe my plan had been foiled!  Clark had escaped!

Clark ran and ran as far away as he could.  He found his way to a private cove.  While he stood there, contemplating the ocean, a butterfly landed on his hand.  He blew on it gently so it would fly away.

Clark:  Freedom is a beautiful feeling!

He was relieved to be free from the evil grip of Baby Notorious.