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Love At My Door

May 2, 2010


Something about me was changing, I could feel subtle differences.  I was at Junior and Grand’s describing a getaway car we would be using for an evil heist.  Then I heard a baby crying.

I went to the top of the stairs and there I found little Kiki Morris at the edge of doom.

I immediatey grabbed her up out of the way of danger.  I was surprised at my sudden concern for this child, usually I only thought of myself.

Pater called to say he would be leaving in just a few days but he urgently wanted me to meet him in Central Park.  I agreed.

I was upset about Pater leaving and I ate a whole gallon of ice cream.  I thought I was so evil, with a heart of stone but all of these emotions were overwhelming me.

Pater and I met up at Central Park.  He was not alone.

Pater:  Baby, I want you to meet Lorcus and Freya Notorious.  They are my good friends and I want you to get to know them better.  They will be your trusted mentors while I’m away.

They were an odd-looking pair in their matching white lab coats and long rubber gloves.  But they took an immediate interest in me and were very kind.  I learned Lorcus was a medical researcher and Freya was a scientist.  I wonder if they were evil like most Notorious.

My feelings for Xander grew deeper everyday.  He felt the same.  After a long walk on the beach, he told me loved me.

Baby:  Xander, I love you, too!

But now what?  We had nowhere to go.  Xander lived with his parents and my house was a tiny shack with a single bed.

I decided to meet with my new friend Freya and ask her advice.  She seemed to have a very good relationship with her man so I felt certain she would know what I should do about Xander.

Baby:  Xander and I are in love.  I want to ask him to move in but my house, well, please come over and see it and tell me what I can do to make it better.

Freya was a little shocked when she came over the next day and saw the conditions I was living in.

Freya:  The shabby chic look is not very romantic, Baby.  Pater told me you have had a lot of success working with computers.  Why don’t you build a new house?

Freya was right.  I had made thousands in Simoleans from my hacking work.  I was a little embarrassed that Freya had brought up my criminal activity.  I wasn’t sure what she thought of my evil doings.  But if she didn’t approve, she wouldn’t be my friend.

I decided to take Freya’s advice.  My neighborhood was very upscale and the Homeowner’s Association had been threatening me with legal action if I didn’t improve my lot.  Now was the time to build a better life for me and Xander.

At last the new house was finished and Xander came to visit.  I was so excited!  I wanted him to stay over but I didn’t know if I would have the courage to ask him to spend the night.

As usual, I had no finesse.  He had no sooner set foot in the house than I blurted out:

Baby:  Xander, don’t go home, stay with me!

He agreed but when it came time to go to bed, he wandered into the guest room and went to sleep in the small bed.  I was very disappointed.

I fell asleep in my own room but later in the night, I was awakened by the door opening.  I turned on the light and there was Xander, standing in my bedroom in his boxer shorts.

Xander:  Baby, can I stay with you?

We shared a long kiss.  But that was all.  Xander stayed through the night but we were very chaste.  I didn’t want to rush into anything I couldn’t handle.

But maybe in the morning, I would ask him to move in!