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I Can Make It On My Own

April 25, 2010

Pater had ten wives on the Island of Simmibea.  Sunny was the youngest.  She called him everyday.  She assured him it was safe for him to return.

Pater knew  how unhappy I was.  He would suggest a game of tag to cheer me up.

But we could only play for so long before he got winded.

One night we were all invited to Chinese Delight.  I arrived to find Pater dancing with an incredibly beautiful woman.  My heart sank.  It was Sunny.  She was here to take her man home.

I should have introduced myself to Sunny and wished them both well.  Instead, I burst into tears and ran out.

I was so upset.  I decided to do something very rash.  I looked up Xander’s address and went straight to his house.  I knew it was crazy but I didn’t care.

I felt foolish standing in his house so late at night, uninvited.  I started babbling about the hacking job but he interrupted me.

Xander:  Baby, would you go out with me?

Baby:  YES!!! ( I realized I sounded a little too eager so I tried to tone it down.)  I mean…ummm…sure, that would be cool.

It was my first date with a man.  I was so excited.  Xander suggested we meet at the Ocean Pier and I agreed.

I got to the Pier the next day and saw Jamie Jolina and Pater deep in discussion.  I assumed it had something to do with Simmicare Fraud.  Soon, I would be taking over for Pater but I didn’t want to interrupt them now.  I just stood back and watched.

Sunny was there, too.  I watched this sultry and sophisticated woman walk to the bar and I felt pangs of jealousy.  I wanted to have all of Pater’s attention, I wanted him to stay here and be our Leader.  What right did Sunny have to take him away?

Of course Sunny had the right, she was Pater’s tenth and most adored wife.  Unnoticed, I watched as Sunny and Jamie talked and laughed.  I guess Pater was sharing secrets with Sunny that I thought he only shared with me.  I wondered if Sunny participated in his evil schemes as well.

The sun was incredibly hot and I wondered if Xander was going to show up.

At last he arrived.  I don’t know what came over me.  As soon as I saw him, I was overwhelmed with emotion.

Baby:  Xander, I want to be your girlfriend!

Xander embraced me.

Xander:  Baby, you’re a sweet girl.

I don’t know if he meant yes, we would be together.  But he did ask me to go out again and soon we were seeing each other every day.

We often met at Central Park.  I looked forward to these afternoons so much.

I always made a picnic lunch and Xander loved eating the food I prepared.

We also met at the pool to go swimming.  I knew Xander liked the way I looked in my bathing suit.  He always complimented me.

I was starting to think maybe I could get along without Pater.  Maybe I would be okay…with Xander by my side.