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Don’t I Deserve Love?

April 18, 2010


Pater knew I was upset.  I did not want him to leave me alone in Sunset Valley.  He promised to stay longer. 

Pater:  I need to know you can take care of business while I’m gone.  I have a very important job for you to handle. 

I told Pater I wanted to prove myself.  That night he called Junior and told him to meet me at the gym in the morning.  I was so nervous I barely slept.  No one had ever put me in charge of a job.

Junior explained I would be in charge of hacking millions of Simoleans from the computers of unsuspecting Sims.  He asked me if I knew anything about using computers.

Baby:  I can play video games on my laptop and I can chat.  But I’ve never tried hacking another computer.

Junior:  It’s a little harder than playing video games but I know just the right guy to get you started.

Junior called me the next day.  He was very cryptic.  I wasn’t sure what he was trying to tell me, something about a little guy named Xander meeting me at Central Park.  I agreed to go to the park at 3:00.

I stood around at the park for awhile.  Finally a young man approached me.

Xander:  I’m Xander.  I think the cops are watching me.  Just nod and let me know you are cool.

I nodded.  I was so nervous, I didn’t want to mess things up.

Xander:  We can’t talk here if I’m being watched.  Meet me at the pool same time next week.

Meanwhile, Pater wanted me to go on some business meetings with him.  He had a lot of stuff to take care of before he left for Simmibea.  He wanted me to meet his connections so I could take over some of the operations.  All this new responsibility was making my head feel fuzzy.  But if Pater trusted me, I needed to rise to the occasion.

First we met Jamie Jolina in the park.  She worked at the hospital.  She and Pater had worked out a way to defraud Simicare.  It was a very evil plan that raked in lots of cash.

Jamie let Pater know everything was running smoothly.  She ignored me at first but then Pater explained to her that I would be the new connection.

Next Pater introduced me to one of the crooked cops on the Sunset Valley police force.  Not all the cops were bad, but some would take bribes to look the other way when we conducting our illicit activities.

Pater put me in charge of Chinese Delight, his disco.  It wasn’t all fun, though.  I had to clean the bathrooms…

And do some repairs.  A bathroom in a nightclub is a pretty disgusting place but Pater wanted me to do the work.  He was so afraid of outsiders.  I wondered if he knew about Xander and I asked him.

Pater:  Xander’s a runt.  But he knows about computers.  He’ll help you a lot with the hacking job.

It came time for me and Xander to meet at the pool.  It was behind Junior and Grand’s apartment building so we felt pretty safe to talk.  Xander explained to me exactly how hacking worked and I thought I understood him pretty well.  Maybe I could actually pull this job off.

I had learned about everything my brain could take for one day and I was about to leave.  I noticed Xander checking me out and I felt my face flushing.

Xander:  That…ummm…is…uh…a nice bathing suit.

I was speechless.  No man had ever complimented me before and I didn’t know how to act.  I sheepishly waved and took off.

When I got home I decided to put my new knowledge straight to work.  I hacked several computers successfully and I felt really proud of myself.  Maybe stealing money is wrong to some but I’m a Notorious and for me it feels totally right.  But after awhile I found I couldn’t concentrate.

I wandered aimlessly around my little one-room house and only one thing was on my mind.  Xander!  My face got red and hot everytime I thought of him and what he had said by the pool.  I didn’t know much about men but I did know I wanted one in my life.  I just didn’t know how to go about finding someone who would like me, much less love me.

It wasn’t impossible for a Notorious to find a companion.  This woman is Ayesha Notorious, Grand’ wife.  She was part of the gang and she and Grand did some pretty big jobs together.  Then they fell in love.

Junior found someone, too.  Which is amazing because he has such a temper. But he married Tori.  She is a bigshot at City Hall and she got the Mayor to take the heat off of our Crew.

So what about me?  Will I find someone who will love me?